Vegan Sourdough Cinnamon Banana Muffins

Pssst… I’ve got a secret. While sourdough is lauded for its superior taste, texture and all the gut beneficial properties that come with it, it does have one dirty little secret: it can be quite wasteful. 

You see, every time you go to feed your starter you also have to throw some out in order to keep your starter healthy–otherwise you’ll end up having to keep feeding it more and more and more. This waste is known as “discard,” and it actually doesn’t have to be wasteful.

In fact, the discard is a really great way to introduce all the benefits of sourdough into everyday baked goods, from pancakes and waffles to quick breads. Here’s another secret: you can easily substitute sourdough starter into just about every recipe. The basic formula for a 100% hydration starter (i.e., meaning it’s fed equal parts flour and water) is for every cup of starter you want to add to a recipe, subtract1/2C of flour and 1/2cup of liquid.  

My favorite way to use discard is to make banana bread–I mean, who doesn’t always have some overripe ‘naners laying around? So to celebrate #NationalSourdoughBreadDay I give to you my ultimate vegan sourdough cinnamon banana muffins!